Registration for Consultant & Experts
RITES is a multi-disciplinary consultancy organization in the fields of transport, infrastructure and related technologies. It provides a comprehensive array of services in various sectors and subsectors under a single roof. RITES takes short and long term services from a large number of individual consultants/consultancy organizations. RITES is building a repository of individual consultants and consultancy organizations.

RITES invites individual consultants/consultancy organizations to register themselves for one or more sectors and subsectors in which RITES operates. RITES may use the services of individual consultants/consultancy organizations as per its requirements. The services of registered experts/oranizations will be used based on mutually agreed terms and conditions. In case of requirement in a project in the sector/sub-sector indicated by the consultant/organization, RITES would contact for further details.

Steps for Registration of Consultants/Experts:
  • Click on Consultant/Expert and Press Continue
  • Click User Login
  • Click Registration for New Registration
  • Click Login
  • Upload All Required Data in the Prescribed Format
On completion of the registration process a Registration number would be allotted. Users are requested to use this registration number for future reference.